Wise is your key to accessing our complete distribution solution. It includes:

  • Access to our distribution platform
  • 3 artist names
  • Publishing administration
  • A-la-carte mastering
  • Access to a variety of unique sheet music
  • Request a tailor-made sheet music of the song of your choice

What you earn by joining Nordic Distro

    • Payments to bank account: Receive transparent royalty and royalty split payments directly to your bank account.
    • YouTube monetization: Enable monetization for your music on YouTube and earn from your streams.
    • Free delivery to new stores: Expand your reach as your music gets delivered to new platforms.
    • Dedicated support team: Receive personalized assistance from our team in your region.
    • 100% copyright ownership: Maintain complete control over your music and copyright.
    • Free smart link: Share your music seamlessly with a single, universal link.
    • Free UPC & ISRC: Get the essential identifiers for your music releases.
    • Publishing Administration: Collect the money you're owed with your music
    • Sales Analytics: Get all the data you need from your streams

29,99  / Years For 1 Years


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