Professional mastering

How does it work?

Step 1: Choose Your Engineer: Select between Tommi, Luis, and Olivier based on your musical genre and preferences.
Step 2: Upload Your Tracks: Easily upload your music files through our user-friendly platform.
Step 3: Our turn to work! Our sound engineer receives your track and starts working on it!
Step 4: First results!
We will send you the first mastering directly by email in under 5 working days. (Don't forget to check your spam folder.)

If you're satisfied with the results, then that's it for us! Of course, if the mastering doesn't meet your expectations and you would like adjustments, just reply to our email, and our sound engineer will polish your track to make it the jewel you wanted!

Once your track is ready but you still haven't subscribed to our distribution platform, check out our pricing plans!
With our Nordic subscription, you get 15% off all your music mastering, plus a lot of other advantages!



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